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Professional Hair Fashion Folder

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BES PROFESSIONAL HAIRFASHION is a line of styling products created in exclusivity by BES Beauty & Science for the most exigent hairstylists, a true and its own beauty style and concept of elegance. It is composed of specific products, specially formulated, in order for the hairstylist to have the maximum freedom of action and a broad selection to find the product most suited to the nature of the hair being treated and the desired hair style. Very important, for the hairdresser, it is also the possibility of mixing together some products in such a way as to obtain several characteristics, features of strength, beauty and wellbeing determined from the Argan oil and Maracuja(passion fruit), active principles contained in the formulations.

The Argan oil is a precious substance that contains linoleic acid and vitamin E, which have the ability to stimulate the vital functions of the scalp cells and maintains the idealistic hydro-lipid balance, very much essential for the hair strength and beauty.
Maracuja or passion fruit is an exotic fruit that contains Vitamins A, B 12, proteins phosphor and iron which procure nourishment and support to the hair.
The line BES PROFESSIONAL HAIRFASHION is based on final products with considerable cosmetic properties that respect and protect the hair.


Professional Hair Fashion Styling Folder