Universe…we have only an shapeless and fragmented vision…and we complete it with association of random ideas, creations of mystic suggestions…almost magical! The only certain thing about the Universe are the COLORS that PLANETS acquire! Colours that are multiple, unique, enchanting….giving us the value of more beautiful!!! Colours helps us to define our lives, our habits, our values, our sentiments and our creativity! The colours, with which ones, we identify ourselves, are the ones that helps us to understand better our sensations and inner emotions! Colours undertaken by Planets are actually an silent language. And knowing the meaning of colours could make it easier to understand many things around us and also, our reactions in front of them! Hair Fashion, as knowledge about the Planets, is in constant evolution! And the capacity of an hair dresser is also to increase proper knowhow to evolve himself in fashion business and to manage to express through the colour, the personality and character of any human being! Planet Trend Collection was created to underline connection between the personality and character of the client, with the help of Planet Color! It is the collection that lives throughout trigonometric cuts and meteropatic colours, in most high expression!

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