Dilution ratio : Mix up to a maximum ratio of 1:2 (1 part Decobes pure white BLUEBERRY + 2 parts of Oxibes developer ). The choice of Oxibes has to be considered in reference to the type, condition of the hair and to the degree of high-lightening that you want to reach.

Professional Advices: It is appropriate to use DECOBES PURE WHITE BLUEBERRY when you wish to obtain results ultra-platinum to neutral effect.

RECOMMENDED LEVELS: The neutralizing effect of DECOBES PURE WHITE BLUEBERRY enables ultra-platinum tones from 3/4 natural levels.

Lightening power up to : 7/8 levels

Processing time: 60 minutes maximum



FEATURES: Dust free high lightening powder DECOBES PURE WHITE BLUEBERRY is formulated with components capable of appropriately calibrated high lightening action. In DECOBES PURE WHITE BLUEBERRY components with high lightening function penetrate in the hair and act on melanins. A very important function of the decolourant DECOBES PURE WHITE BLUEBERRY is to adapt the basic tone of the hair. To provide the opportunity to obtain neutral results by acting differently on the percentage of melanins present. The bleaching powder DECOBES PURE WHITE BLUEBERRY characterized by a colour Blue-Violet acts by neutralizing the Yellow-Orange under tones, whereby is defined PURE WHITE.

PLUS: The cellulose gum present in the formulation protects the hair fiber. Thanks to this film-forming action gives body back by restructuring the hair.

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