Hair Protective Sunny Oil

Hair Protective Sunny Oil is your BEST SUMMER FRIEND. Specifically formulated to exercise a double action. Applied to the hair before sun exposure, it creates a waterproof protective film that isolates and protects the hair fiber from the sun’s rays, salinity and chlorine. It is an invisible shield that protects and preserves the natural and cosmetic color of the hair. Applied after sun exposure, it smoothes the cuticle and it eliminates the unpleasant frizz effect. It gives shine and brightness, it untangles and makes your hair easier to comb.

It Contains:

  • Wasabi and Melanin
  • Vitamin A, E, F
  • Red raspberry seed oil
  • Argan oil

BES SOLAIRE is the new HAIRCARE line formulated to protect, nourish and repair all hair types exposed to sun, salt, chlorine and wind.
The BES Solaire hair roducts are practical, functional and perfect for the care of your beauty at the seaside and on the beach. Their delicate, hydrating and particularly refined formulation makes them suitable all year round, after the pool or the gym.
They are three simple products that act in synergy to protect the natural beauty of your hair and light up your color.



Bottle of 150 ml.


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