Salon service:
Stabilized hydrogen peroxide for colouring and bleaching.

Product setting:
Oxidative action of Hydrogen peroxide in perfect relation to the required volumes.

Stabilizing elements and purity control elements assure a perfect solution for stabilization and
protection from bacterial contamination and pH endurance at considerable high levels.

Technical characteristics:
It is formulated in 3 types:
– 20 vol.
– 30 vol.
– 40 vol.

– A perfect stability during utilization
– Developing oxidizing effect at exact required volumes
– Adjusting surface tension to avoid reinflamations and to
prevent bacterial contaminations
– Maintaining pH at its optimal level

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Professional advice and instructions: Use only to colour, to activate colour or bleach. Quantity and processing time is according to the product used and the result required. Packaging: Bottle of 1000 ml


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