Czech Republic –

My name is Petra, and together with my husband, we founded the brand Institute Hair by Petra-salone esclusivo BES.



After completion of a three-year hairdressing course, which wasn’t very successful for me and I was recommended not to pursue a career in hairdressing, I took all my creativity and determination and enrolled in the prestigious Hair Academy – a starter academy searching for new hairdressing talents and offering a recognized degree. I finished that important phase of my life successfully with the assessment: platinum certificate. Right after completion of the academy,

i started working for a well-known brand, but also did work for photo shootings for Czech media, fashion shows featuring local designers, and a shooting of a series for the Czech Television. In 2005, I started intensively studying psychology of the hairdresser- customer relationship that I was missing everywhere. After some time, I became an expert trainer in the area and was helping hairdressers to bring this beautiful craft to a new level, particularly in the area of communication.


At this wonderful and successful times, you can find us in the Prague district of Vysočany at the Institute Hair by Petra – salone esclusivo BES. There are 6 employees in our team. Our business strategy is absolutely uncompromising. Every hired hairdresser starts as an assistant, regardless of how many years of experience they have. I want to give my maximum effort to everybody. This intense cooperation gave birth to our best hairdressers.

I am extremely proud of my team. Our Institute is sought by clients from the whole of the Czech Republic, but we have regular clients also from England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. We have one client who flies over regularly for our blonde from Sydney. “Blond” is our great domain and we learn something new about this royal category every day. We achieve all of that every day also owing to BES.


How should we further develop our brand? Our philosophy is one word: comprehensiveness. It starts with a handshake, is followed by an attentive consultation, perfect service, beautiful settings and friendly atmosphere. We have been very intensely working on perfecting, we are constantly searching for imperfections that we try to rectify together. We have had our vision – to have an international overlap – defined for a long time already. After a long time of just doing hair, I want to actively involve my team in the work for hairdressing shows and photo shootings, mainly because of a great motivation one gets from working with real professionals during such activities. In its initial phase is my project which I have been preparing for a very long time. I’d like to start an endowment fund for young hairdressers who don’t have a background necessary to obtain their education. We want to keep doing our job as we have been up to now – with the utmost humbleness and enthusiasm. We are very proud to be able to cooperate with such a significant brand. It allows us to ask our clients the following question, which is also our motto: “Can you hear our hairdresser heart beat?”