Nella splendida cornice della città di Riga, in Lettonia, il nostro Direttore Tecnico Artistico Saverio Palma, nei giorni di Martedì 26 e Mercoledì 27 Febbraio 2019, ha tenuto un Seminario sulla Bes Trend Collection 2019 REVIVAL presso il Riwell Centra Hotel. Come sempre, grazie alla sua professionalità e al suo carisma ha conquistato tutto il pubblico di stilisti acconciatori presenti in sala, suscitando interesse e curiosità. Questo grande evento è stato organizzato grazie al SIA REHO, distributore esclusivista BES in Lettonia.

A Master Class Dedicated to BES Beauty & Science’s new REVIVAL Collection Attracts the Brand’s Best Hairdressers On 26-27 February, a two day master class devoted to BES Beauty & Science’s new REVIVAL collection took place at one of Riga’s biggest shopping centers Domina Shopping at the premises of Latvia’s biggest beauty care salon chain KOLONNA DAY SPA. The master class was conducted by BES Worldwide education director Saverio Palma. The two day master class was attended by a total of 25 of the best BES brand hairdressers from all over Latvia, who learned about the trends of the new REVIVAL collection. “I would like to say a big thank you to Saverio Palma for his wonderful contribution, which, as always, inspired the brand’s most loyal experts. In a relaxed but professional atmosphere, participants had a unique opportunity to discover the very latest trends for 2019,” explained Andra Šita, BES Beauty & Science’s Manager in Latvia. The new BES trend collection REVIVAL is the expression of a fashion that plunges into the past and embarks on a journey through the ages that have marked and carved the path of mankind in time. REVIVAL touches three different but perfectly compatible emotional expressions: Music, Color and Style, to assemble them in the harmonious realization of an artwork. Freedom of shapes and colors, refinement and elegance, determination, sensuality and resourcefulness are visible in every shot, in every pose and in every look. REVIVAL revives the immortal past and makes it visible in the form of images and emotions. BES Beauty & Science is the brand under which the company Cosmec S.r.l. was launched in the field of professional hair products in 1964. BES Beauty & Science is currently presented in 79 countries globally and has a strong distribution network ensuring punctual and exceptional service. KOLONNA wholesaling has distributed the brand BES Beauty & Science in Latvia for the past 17 years.