Salon service:
Final cosmetic restoring product.

Product setting:
Phials active lotion with cationic emulsion for dull, damaged and electric hair.

The cationic silicon emulsion improves the tractability and the sheen of wet hair, removing the electrostatic charges (electric hair.) (It improves the definition of colours, the shade and the resistance of dry hair while favouring the wet brushing).

Technical characteristics:
Tonus is a final cosmetic restoring product created to meet with hair structure. No rinse is demanded after used. It has a high restoring effect on all kinds of hair. An appropriate association of Quaternary complex with a cationic polymer, has a balancing and supporting effect on devitalized and stressed hair.

— Restitutive action on damaged, porous and weakened parts.
— Highly untangling effect, leaves hair easy to be combed and brilliant.
— Protects and supports hair style and has also a natural and pleasant scent.
— Favours the use of hairdryer.

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Professional advice and instructions: Apply to clean and towelled hair the whole phial content, comb thoroughly and go on with the final hair-style without rinse. Packaging: Box containing 12 phials of 10 ml.

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