Salon service:
Restoring fluid for split ends.

Product setting:

Ideal scientific method to restore, prevent and protect hair from split ends.

Special formula studied and composed with cationic polymers and new silicones which allows an easy distribution and removal of the product.
It prevents the growth of split ends.

Technical characteristics:
DP COMPLEX restores damaged cuticle parts because of the use of alkaline residues (perms, bleaching, colouring, washings) gradually creating a covering and protective film.

— Removal of split ends.
— Leaves hair easy to be combed

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Professional advice and instructions: The product can be applied an damp hair (after shampoo and towel dry) or on dry hair. Rub a few drops of product on your fingers. Apply product with fingers on the part of hair that needs treatment. Distribute uniformly with a comb. Repeat operation if necessary. Packaging: Bottle of 30 ml

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