New SILKAT REPAIR hair reconstruction and renewal treatment.
Repairs, protects, fortifies and replenishes the hair fiber by acting both externally,
at the cuticular level, and internally, restoring the keratin structure.
– Increase Resistance to Mechanical Breakage
– Protects and Rebuilds Capillary Architecture
– Reduce Frizz, Damaged and Brittle Hair
– Recovers Strength and Elasticity
– Improve Combability and Smoothness
– Gives Extra Protection to Everyday Stresses & Phisical Treatments
– Enhances the Brilliance
Reconstruction and Renewal treatment indicated for all hair types that are brittle, damaged,
dry and lifeless, more prone to break easily, that becomes coarse, porous and dull, lose its
firmness, elasticity and shine, difficult to comb and manage.
The SILKAT REPAIR hair reconstruction system consists of 6 products and offers the chance to perform two types of treatments:
– Professional Deep Reconstruction System – Absolute Reconstruction & Repair R1+R2+R3 – Extremely Professional Protocol – SALON USE ONLY
– Professional Instant Reconstruction System – Instant Repair & Protection R1+R3+R6 – Quick and Easy Professional Protocol – SALON AND HOME USE

MACADAMIA & ARGAN Oil They intensely nourish and moisturize the hair making it soft and easy to comb. They protect and wrap lengths and ends,
performing a filming, conditioning and protective action.

VIT. E Antioxidant. Protects cuticles from oxidative damage. More resistant and shiny hair.

APC Cyclic organic compound naturally present in the composition of the skin Natural Moisturizing Factor, which physiologically contributes to protect and hydrates the scalp and the hair. Improves the combability of the hair by eliminating frizz and reducing the formation of knots.

SORBITOL + IPD (Isopentyldiol) Repairing Booster. Winning combination of two moisturizing factors that,
together, perform an excellent repairing and restorative activity.

SHEA BUTTER Vegetable compound consisting mainly of triglycerides, mono-unsaturated Oleic acid, rich in Vitamins A, E and F.
Particularly kindred to the scalp and hair, it manages to settle on the hair fiber, nourishing and moisturizing the hair.
Seals and insulates the cuticle, increasing the resistance, shine and manageability of the hair.


Repairing, nourishing and illuminating shampoo with a strengthening
action for damaged, weakened or stressed hair. Cleanses and recovers the hair
structure making it more compact, resistant, hale and lively.
Gives conditioning and protection making the hair soft, smooth and velvety.
It can be used both in the salon and at home for treatment maintenance, or simply as a superior quality shampoo.

1000 ml – 35.2 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12730
300 ml – 10.5 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12731

Professional renewal and repairing hair mask for deep reconstruction of the
hair. Restores, protects and supports the architecture of the hair fiber, acting at the
fibrillar level. It replenishes lost or damaged keratin KAPs (Keratin-Associated Proteins),
providing additional protection to the hair’s keratin and its disulfide bridges.
Provides essential amino acids to rebuild α-keratin molecules.
Gives deep and long-lasting nourishment, making the hair stronger, more resistant,
soft and visibly healthy.


Apply the correct amount of product on washed and towel-dried damp hair, using a
brush, massaging strand by strand to facilitate the penetration of the active substances inside the hair.

500 ml – 17.6 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12732
170 ml – 5.98 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12733


Protective repairing hair balm. It has an intense conditioning, compensating and sealing action. Restores the pH of the hair. It fixes the active and functional substances inside the hair fiber, increasing resistance to breakage and body. Gives softness and smoothness to the hair. Enhances the brilliance and luminosity of the colour.
Used after R1 shampoo in Instant Reconstruction or after rinsing R2 mask in Deep Reconstruction. (pag.12-13)
It can be used both in the salon and at home for treatment maintenance or simply as a superior quality conditioner.


1000 ml – 35.2 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12734
300 ml – 10.5 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12735

Completing Functional Product
For Any Type of Reconstruction

Ultra-light dry oil with instant absorption.
Protective and restructuring action.
Nourishes and hydrates without weighing it down, reducing frizz.
It makes hair more elastic and resistant, facilitating brushing and styling,
while protecting from heat.
Enhances the brilliance and brightness of the color

Versatile and universal product. It can be used following any type of reconstruction or simply as a superior quality repairing serum.

100 ml – 3.5 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12736

Completing Functional Product
For Any Type of Reconstruction

Repairing and protective fluid. Seals the hair cuticle, recovering and
compacting it, eliminating imperfections and split ends. Insulates and protects the
hair from the direct heat of stylers and hair dryers. Makes hair bright and shiny.
Nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber preventing
breakage and dehydration. It acts on the outside of the hair fiber, repairing the
surface and recreating the cuticular protective barrier of the hair.

Versatile and universal product. It can be used following any type of reconstruction or simply as a superior quality repairing serum.

100 ml – 3.5 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12737

Repairing and restructuring lotion for instant reconstruction of the hair fiber. It penetrates the damaged area of the keratin fibrils to replenishes lost or damaged keratin KAPs (Keratin-Associated Proteins), reconstituting the keratin structure and reinforcing the disulfide bridges.
Provides the amino acids necessary for the regeneration of à α-keratin chains. Restructures and conditions the hair, seals the cuticle and exerts a substantive
and protective action.

Hair will be healthier, conditioned, disciplined and full-bodied for longer.
DIRECTIONS: Distribute evenly on washed and towel-dried hair.
Massage and comb to facilitate the penetration of the product.

Proceed with the desired styling.
Use the necessary quantity of product. Usually one vial is sufficient to treat brittle, dry and porous medium-long hair.


120 ml – 4.2 Fl. Oz. – Cod. Art. 12738
(8 x 15 ml – 8 x 0.52 Fl. Oz.)




α-keratin is the smallest element of the hair structure. Each α-keratin filament (made up of connected amino acid
chains) is immersed in a matrix in which other α-keratin filaments are present. These join together to form
protofibrils and intermediate filaments (KIF).

Each filament is interconnected and stabilized by keratin proteins called KAP (Keratin-Associated Proteins), which
surround the α-keratin chains, supporting, strengthening and protecting it through the formation of a strong and
resistant cross-linked structure. The bigger is the number of the KAPs, and the healthier they are, the greater the strength of the hair will be and the
better it will look. When KAPs are lost or damaged, the keratin is exposed to chemical and physical damage and the hair suffers
permanent damage.

Based on this information, BES researchers created the Silkat Repair Hair Reconstruction Complex* to try to
reconstruct, repair and protect the architecture of the hair fiber in the most possible natural way.

It is a multifunctional complex made up of 4 different actives:
– PEPTIDES: Low molecular weight proteins derived from the fragmentation of the yeast cell wall. Biotechnological active*.
These peptides (large proteins) fit and adhere to the keratin structure of the hair 5 times more than the most commonly used keratin peptides. They restore, reconstitute and replace the hair’s damaged KAPs, inserting themselves into the keratin structure and providing extra protection to its disulphide bridges and keratin bonds.

-ISOPENTYLDIOL + SORBITOL: excellent combination with emollient and humectant function, with strong hydrating and
conditioning properties. Studies have shown that the association of these 2 substances has a protective action for the hair fiber. They
recompact and protect the cuticle both internally and externally.

– KERATIN AMINO ACIDS: They are integrated into KAP and α-keratin molecules. They constitute the essential building blocks
for the reconstruction of keratin chains. They fix themselves in the keratin fibers of the hair, repairing and reconstructing the hair architecture.

*Biotechnology: it is a “green” technology with zero environmental impact which allows to obtain bioactive substances from microorganisms such as yeasts, bacteria or microalgae grown in the laboratory. By doing this, we avoid the continuous collection of plants from nature, preventing its exploitation and taking care of the planet’s ecosystem.