If a touch of magic could show us every ethnic group, we would realize in a second the beauty and the extraordinary variety of the world, inhabited by peoples so different as unique; each with its own culture, its own history, its own way of living and observing the life on the earth.
India with its mystery and mysticism, Brazil with its smile and its party desire. The wild nature of the Scandinavian countries, between solar eclipses and midnight suns. The stunning white of Antarctica, the divine red of the Australian mountains and the fearing green of the equatorial forests; the endless gold of the African deserts and the crystalline blue of the Caribbean islands.
Traveling between the American prairies to the great lakes of Canada, between the canals of Amsterdam and those of Venice, enjoying goulash or cous cous and sipping Brunello or Champagne, we would realize how wonderful it is to taste and breathe every ethnicity that populates the planet.
What joins the diversity of the multiple ethnic groups is precisely their intrinsic beauty, a concept as ancient as the world and for this universal.
Everything we like it is beautiful, whatever makes us wondering and imaging, everything that attracts us for its peculiarity, everything that affects our sensibility, arousing emotions that are fixed in our mind and in our heart like indelible images.
Color, shape, uniqueness, beauty… ethnicity: the new BES trend collection 2020 Etnia wanted this year to immerse itself in the heart of every culture, enhancing its colors, flavors, aromas and melodies.
The sensuality of red, the refinement of black, the elegance of the blonde. Warm tones and cold tones come together in harmony, just like on earth in an embrace of different ethnic groups, different races.
Once again BES Beauty & Science wanted to surprise, plunging into the depth of each ethnic group, developing new artistic proposals that would bring out the beauty of the human being with creativity and excitement, arousing amazement and emotion.