Salon service: 
Cosmetic colouring treatment system for all hair types.

Product setting: 
Professional colouring for hair, formulated with cosmetic compensation elements that beautify the products technical functions (shade, tint, bleaching, coverage) and that also considerably protect the hair.

During the colouring process, a special hydro soluble keratin blends with the colouring molecules carrying it in the cuticle with a precise depositing and restoring function.

Technical characteristics: 
The colours guarantee remarkable colour tone effects, highly aesthetic sheen and uniform tints thanks to the perfect balance between primary and secondary colours. The conditioning base within where the colours molecules are suspended is a creamy emulsion enriched with protein substances and precious natural waxes.

– gives natural colour
– bleaches while colouring the natural hair
– a perfectly uniform colour result
– complete coverage of white hair
– creates shinny bright tints and lasting natural shades
– level lifting during pigment depositing arrives up to 4 shade levels with the high-lift colours – safe and secure results


Professional advice and instructions: 

REGAL COLOR, is usually blended in half-and-half proportions (1+1) with an oxidising lotion OXIBES at 10, 20, 30, 40 VOL.

  • OXIBES 10 VOL.:
    – to enrich or enhances tones.
  • OXIBES 20 VOL.:
    – to dye thin, fragile, and delicate hair.
    – to cover a large amount of white hair.
  • OXIBES 30 VOL.:
    – to boost the lifting power and to cover white hair. – to treat resistant hair.
    – to accentuate warm tones.
    – to enhance cosmetic re ection.
    – to make hair up to 3 shade levels lighter.
  • OXIBES 40 VOL.:
    – for super bleaching.
    – to lighten hair 4 or more shade levels lighter.


Tube of 60 ml.


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