Bes Beauty & Science is the brand under which the company Cosmec S.r.l. was launched in the professional hair products.

Cosmec S.r.l. was born in 1964 and now boasts extensive experience in the field of professional products for hair. Its headquarters is located in San Zenone al Lambro, in the south area of Milan. The plant is spread over an area of about 29,000 sqm., of which 18,500 sqm. are covered.
The plant includes: offices, production, packaging, store raw materials, finished goods inventory, laboratory for quality control, research and development, training centre. The brand Bes Beauty & Science is currently present in 81 worldwide countries and has a strong distribution network ensuring a punctual and unexceptionable service.
The company potentiality lets catch a glimpse of development designed to learn more commercial realities and to acquire new markets. Their identification and the expansion of the network of exclusive distributors, national and international, are central to the strategy of business development. The main goal is to identify the different realities with which the company will have to interact and compete in future in order to achieve market share that throw it in an ever more important dimension. Bes Beauty & Science in addition to ensuring distribution, offers its customers technical support information (technical seminars, workshops), educational (academic courses) and advertising. In the training centre, next to the factory, a team of stylists hairdressers with high academic experience organizes colour training, bleaching, perms, styling and of course cut courses.
Thanks to technologically advanced equipment for the preparation of products and a good automation equipment for the stage packaged is ensured a production cycle with short production times.
Cosmec S.r.l. to ensure a high quality subjects to strict testing and controls, all the range of products. A very wide range that includes various lines of hair colour, bleaching, oxidizing, perms, neutralizing, shampoo, styling products, specific and combinated treatments.