BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT is the new keratin smoothing treatment that BES proudly offers to every ambitious hairstylist.

In the cosmetic formulation of BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT, BES researches used an innovative formaldehyde-free active substance that is able to modify the keratin structure of the hair and satisfy every type of request and need.

Entirely produced and made with pride in Italy, BES Keratin smothing treatment:

  • gives a perfect smoothness.

  • decreases the volume of the hair eliminating the annoying frizzy effect.

  • makes the hair bright, shiny and soft to the touch.

  • rebuilds a damaged and stressed hair fiber.

  • seals the cuticle decreasing the porosity of the hair and the formation of knots.

  • regenerates the hair.

How BES keratin smoothing treatment works?

These 4 amino acids are the ones mostly present in the KERATIN chain and therefore chosen to be used as actively responsible substances in the disciplinary, smoothing, regenerating and reconstructing mechanism of the product.

Qui, grazie al calore fornito dall’ausilio della piastra stirante, gli amminoacidi CLIS, donano il gruppo carbonile e formano nuovi legami che modificano la posizione e la forma delle catene cheratiniche del capello.

Once the carbonyl group has been donated, the BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT amino acids goes to bind inside the keratin chain, strengthening it and restoring the integrity of the hair fiber.

In this way the keratin chain assumes an ordered, more stable conformation and will make the hair appear smooth and silky.

BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT takes care of your beauty and does so by safeguarding and protecting the health of those who apply the treatment and the customers present in the salon in the moment of the application process.



Alkaline pH shampoo for the hair fiber without silicones. It deeply cleanses and prepares the hair to receive the active substances that will modify its keratin structure, favoring their penetration. Urea and sugar derivatives present in the formulation protect the scalp, exerting a soothing and moisturizing action.


Keratin smoothing anti-frizz fluid without silicones. It releases carboxylated amino acids and other active substances that will reconstruct the keratin structure of the hair. The innovative technology of BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT allows to manage and customize the smoothing treatment, obtaining different results depending on the time and the application method.


Mild and gentle shampoo formulated to rebalance the physiological conditions of the scalp and hair and to stabilize the effect of the treatment performed in the salon. Without silicones and enriched with natural keratin, soy proteins and vitamins, it fixes the newly formed keratin bonds and gives structure and deep nourishment to the hair.


Enriched with sweet almond oil, coconut oil and olive butter, BES DEEP MOISTURIZING HAIR MASK is able to provide a high degree of nourishment and hydration to the hair, giving maximum combability, softness and shine. The special silicon-free formulation enriched with keratin amino acids, makes BES DEEP MOISTURIZING HAIR MASK indispensable for keeping the hair smooth, luminous and soft for a longer period of time.


Light, nourishing and conditioning hair spray without silicones, to be applied on damped hair before the blow drying. Activated by heat it is able to donate new amino acid elements to the hair fiber, prolonging and renewing the smoothness obtained with the BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT. Besides, used before the use of flat irons or blow dryers, it helps to eliminate the frizz, to maintain the smoothness and to enhance the shape of the hair. The multivitamin complex helps to make the hair shiny and silky. The Jojoba Oil gives nourishment to the hair while the Green Tea extract prevents the color fading by protecting it from oxidation. DIRECTIONS: shake well the product before use. Distribute evenly on damp and previously washed hair a generous amount of product. Comb with a fine-toothed comb. Proceed with the blow-drying and, if necessary, straighten the hair using a flat iron. Repeat the treatment after each following shampoo.




1 – In the event of an unwanted color change, before applying BES DEEP MOISTURIZING HAIR MASK, use the appropriate shade of Movie Colors to neutralize or tone any unwanted color changes.

2 – In the case that an intense yellow color shows up, proceed with a specific wash using BES Cool-it shampoo, leaving the product processing for the necessary time. Depending on the need, choose the most suitable Color Reflection Shampoo and eventually complete the treatment adding the Color Reflection Mask suitable to obtain the desired result.

3 – It is possible to neutralize or toning by using any blonde shades of Regal Soft Color in combination with the N1 activator in a 1:2 ratio (one part of color and two parts of Activator N1). The processing time varies depending on the characteristic and type of hair.




Every product in the BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT line is absolutely free of artificial colorants and coloring pigments. It can therefore be used on natural, white or gray hair without coloring or staining the hair.

It is advisable to schedule the treatment about a week before making the color. If this is not possible, wait at least a week to apply BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT after the application of the color.

After the treatment it is possible to gather up the hair in a ponytail, wear a headband or a hat, play any sport, do some yoga, go to the pool or to the sea. It is not necessary to wait 48 hours to do the next shampoo. It is important to keep in mind that the more you wash your hair, the more you do sports that involve sweating and the more you are in the pool or in sea water, the less lasting the effect of the treatment will be.

The duration of treatment is determined by the length of the hair. It starts from a minimum duration of 90 minutes.

Each subsequent wash should be performed using BES LONG LASTING SHAMPOO followed by the application of BES DEEP MOISTURIZING HAIR MASK.