Salon service:
Bes Kontrast hair color is the new fashion salon service to express: personality, originality,
self-confidence, chromatic harmony.

Product setting:
Contrast of colour and light harmoniously associated to achieve a faceted, vibrating, natural
chromatic effect.
Proposed to exalt every woman’s sweetness, style, self-confidence, class and sensuousness.

The Plus:
The content of six vegetal liposomes gives the hair a perfect cosmetic character. The liposomes
can easily interact with the hair structure, with which they present a high affinity in terms of
composition and cell aggregation.
The beeswax contained in the cosmetic cream rebalances on the hair stem the hydropolidic
value, a fundamental factor to disentangle the hair and to censure softness and beauty.

Technical characteristics:
Multichromatic effect harmochromatic hairstreaks and contrast cream with vegetal liposomes
and beeswax not requiring any prior bleaching.

SPECIAL EFFECT such as: coloured streak effect, flash effect, touch effect, highlight effect,
bend effect, colour

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Praparation: Product for professional use of 60 ml (solution 1 of 30 ml + solution 2 of 30 ml). In a nonmetallic container, add 30 ml of the 2 bases (30 ml of solution 1 + 30 ml of solution 2) and mix, in the same quantity (30 ml) with Oxibes at 20 vol. (6%) or 30 vol. (9%) or 40 (12%) according to the bleaching degree or the desired result. APPLICATION Apply the product using the brush on dry, unwashed hair, isolate the locks to be dyed. Avoid all contact with the skin. Wrap each hairstreak in a Decobes Mèches aluminium sheet or similar materials. APPLICATION ON NATURAL HAIR: Use Oxibes at 20 vol. (6%) or 30 vol. (9%) or 40 vol. (12%) 20 vol. (6%) shade after shade, to cover or give light tints to the hair. 30 vol. (9%) to enhance the tints, increase the bleaching power 40 vol. (12%) for ultra bleaching of very dark base colours. APPLICATIN ON COLOURED HAIR: To achieve an excellent result, we suggest you apply the product an on even colour (please stick to the application range table ) and use Oxibes at 30 vol. (9%) or 40 vol. (12%). For a scheduled work, we suggest you apply the desired colour first and eventually apply BES KONTRAST. For a tandem or combined application of dye and Bes Kontrast, we suggest you place the product on the coloured part, to avoid all non-homogeneous bleaching effect. You can use Bes Kontrast with all Bes permanent and semi-permanent dying nuances. WARNING the end result on coloured hair with very dark base colours will be less visible. LAYING TIME 15 MINUTES WITH HEAT SOURCE 30-35 minutes with normal laying 40-45 minutes on coloured or very dark hair. Professional advise and instructions: It is important for the product not to enter into contact with the hair that is not effected by the application during the technical work as well as at the rinsing stage. This is much more true on base colours that range from dark blond to platinum blonde. Packaging: 2 tubes of 30 ml (solution 1 + solution 2).


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