Salon service:
Professional amphoteric shampoo.

Product setting:
Specific shampoo at pH 5.5 for the cleansing of coloured hair.

Shampoo specifically formulated with a surfactant base not containing sulphates, exerts a balancing and gentle cleansing action on treated and coloured hair.

Technical characteristics:
The cleansing action doesn’t alter the physiological balance of the hair and scalp or interfere with cosmetic colour pigments.

Thanks to its specific formulation of balancing and gentle cleansing action the hair and scalp splendour with longer lasting colour richness and highlights.

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Professional advice and instructions: Distribute well the product on the scalp and hair. Let it cleanse while delicately massaging the scalp with circular motions of your fingertips, rinse. Repeat the procedure, if necessary leaving the shampoo work for a few minutes and rinse. Packaging: Bottle of 1000 ml. Bottle of 300 ml.

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