Salon service:
Professional gel for defining hair-style.

Product setting:
Ideal gel for finishing and sculpting trendy hair-styles.

DYNAMIC HOLDGEL is a professional product for hairdressers an important tool for designing,
shaping and spiking short hair, can smooth or model anti-volume hairstyles as well.

Technical characteristics:
Thanks to its no-alcohol composition, it prevents the dryness of hair in synergy with the protective action developed by the contained principles. Not greasy.

Holding, sculpting, protective action

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Professional advice and instructions: Wet Look Hairstyle: — Leave wet hair — Put the product on fingers — Distribute on hair from the roots to the ends. Fashion Trend Styling: — Use on dry hair — Apply small amounts with fingers. — Enhance locks to give a particular direction and movement to hairstyle. Packaging: Pot of 500 ml.

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