Salon service:
Professional gel for defining hair-style.

Product setting:
Ideal gel for finishing and sculpting trendy hairstyles.

Protective action product with no alcohol appropriately formulated to strongly support hairstyle. Extremely versatile, not greasy and easy to eliminate.

Technical characteristics:
Super hold gel specifically formulated to model waves and
define curls and fashion fringes.

Gives flat hair an extra lift, designs definition on wet hair,
gives maximum flexibility and creative control. Shine
without stickiness, dulling, build-up or flaking.

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Professional advice and instructions: Wet Look Hairstyle: — Leave wet hair — Put the product on fingers — Distribute on hair from the roots to the ends. Fashion Trend Styling: — Use on dry hair — Apply small amounts with fingers. — Enhance locks to give a particular direction and movement to hairstyle. Packaging: Tube of 200 ml.

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