Salon service:
Hair loss prevention shampoo.

Product setting:
Innovative product with GINSENG formulated for hair loss prevention, for a gentle wash that maintains the scalps hydrolipidic balance. To be used together with GINSENG ACTIVE LOTION.

Eastern people have always believed that the ginseng roots possess tonic, energizing and revitalizing effects. The active elements contained in Ginseng roots, work on hair as well as on the scalp, while unfolding an effective treatment and cleansing action, all this whilst fully respecting weak hair with hair loss problem stimulating new hair growth.

Technical characteristics:
It strengthens and gives elasticity to the hair fibre, avoiding cuticle weakening.

Active and vitamin substances combined with ginseng roots give consistent results in hair revitalization and tonicity. The combined use of GINSENG ACTIVE SHAMPOO and GINSENG ACTIVE LOTION produces a synergic action in hair loss prevention, giving hair volume softness and gloss.

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Professional advice and instructions: To get the full benefit of its effectiveness, the GINSENG ACTIVE SHAMPOO must be used regularly.

  • Distribute well the product on the scalp and hair.
  • Let it cleanse while delicately massaging the scalp with circular motions of your fingertips.
  • Rinse.
  • Repeat the procedure, if necessary leaving the shampoo work for a few minutes and rinse.

Packaging: Bottle of 150 ml.

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