Salon service:
Specific and moisturizing oxidizing emulsion for BES REGAL SOFT COLOR, to use for low
oxidation direct semi-permanent colour.

Product setting:
Specific activator using for cosmetic highlighter in gel BES REGAL SOFTCOLOR.

Blend of creamy, waxy and softening substances. Low contents of hydrogen peroxide (3%).
THE 3 SPECIFIC ACTIVATORS are characterized of a sweet smelling perfumed note, determined
from a red fruits, mix from which emerges the perfumed of cherry strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant
and of delicate foundation of mulberry, mulberry tree and bilberry.

Technical characteristics:

Moisturizing and protective gentle emulsion formulated for semi-permanent colours. This
emulsion appropriately blended with colour allows a perfect colouring without ammonia and a
low percentage of peroxide.

According to the advised dilutions, moisturizing and homogeneous blend is obtained, easy to
apply and should be distributed evenly.

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Professional advice and instructions: BES REGAL SOFT COLOR + BES REGAL SOFT SPECIFIC ACTIVATOR 1 PART 60 GRAMS + 2 PARTS 120 GRAMS. Combine the necessary quantity of BES REGAL SOFT COLOR with double quantity of BES REGAL SOFT SPECIFIC ACTIVATOR. Choosing the adequate specific activator between 1-2-3. — WITH ACTIVATOR 1 RECOMMENDED TIME 10-15 MINUTES — WITH ACTIVATOR 2 RECOMMENDED TIME 20-25 MINUTES — WITH ACTIVATOR 3 RECOMMENDED TIME 20-30 MINUTES When the recommended time is elapsed, thoroughly emulsify product and carefully rinse hair with water. Use the COLOUR LOCK line of products for shampoo and post-colouring treatments. Packaging: — BES REGAL SOFT SPECIFIC ACTIVATOR NO. 1 5 VOL. 1,5% H² O² For reviving and brightening colour or adding temporary highlights — BES REGAL SOFT SPECIFIC ACTIVATOR NO. 2 10 VOL. 3% H² O² For tone on tone coloration or enhancing highlights and covering low percentages of white hair. — BES REGAL SOFT SPECIFIC ACTIVATOR NO. 3 20 VOL. 6% H² O² Use for first treatment, for enhancing warm highlights for colouring difficult hair or high percentages of white hair. Packaging: Bottle of 1000 ml. Bottle of 120 ml.


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