Salon service:
Specific wave meches is a waving solution formulated for hair that is hi-lighted hair.

Product setting:
Specific wave meches innovative formula enriched with Panthenol D (provitamin B5) has the capacity
to ensure a uniform wave in hair where the degree of porosity differs, ensuring to the operator safety of
result in full compliance with the hairs condition (homogeneous wave and optimal curl).

Specific wave meches is created to achieve a perfect balance of results and fashionable contemporary
designs never compromising the integrity of the hair.
Your results will be hair full of body, shine, waves or curls. The presence of PANTHENOL (Pro-Vitamin-B5)
and HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN eliminates the possibility of fragile and dry hair. PANTHENOL D
contains proteins that increase tone and elasticity, the HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN connected to a
wheat silicone chain attaches itself to the cuticle delivering body, shine and elasticity.

Technical characteristics:
The single KIT contains 5 elements:

— Equilibrat pre-perm lotion 40 ml (pre-perm lotion)

— Equalwave Meches (compensation emulsion) 40 ml.

— Specific wave meches (active wave lotion) 120 ml.

— Specific wave neutralizer (synergic neutralizer) 120 ml.

— Instructions

Thanks to the (compensative) emulsion, the waving solutions effect is uniform over structurally different
hair (with or without weaves and highlights) functioning in total respect of the hair quality.

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Professional advice and instructions: 1)Choose your waving rods: Rod size will determine curl, Do not wrap too tight. 2)Cleaning: Cleaning the hair well is of extreme importance to the success of your permanent especially when hair is high lighted. Equilibrant Pre-perm must always be applied on natural or color treated hair. It equalizes the porosity level and protects the hair. It also neutralizes all the impurities and prepares the hair for maximum absorption of Equalwave Meches Emulsion. Use all of the contents of Equilibrant, rinse and blot dry with a towel. 3)Application of Equalwave Meches: Equalwave Meches formula compensates the porosity levels and prepares the hair to uniformly absorb the waving lotions. Always apply Equalwave Meches before waving lotion. Shake before using. Apply thoroughly, massage and lightly comb through to encourage penetration. 4)Saturation and winding of rods: Saturate rod by rod. Proceed with winding of the rods but not too tight, following the traditional or unique methods according to the specific look you are creating, upon completion apply all of Specific wave solution. 5)Time: Upon completion of application, processing time is for a maximum of 20 minutes. 6) Check for desired curl pattern: The curl process has a gradual and progressive action. The timing may vary according to desired results and amount of movement:

  • Control curl pattern periodically.

  • Judge the precise moment to interrupt the

process, according to your artistic desired specification. 7)Rinse the solution: At the end of the processing time rinse for at least 3-4 minutes. Blot dry well. So that you create an ideal situation for the neutralizer to be absorbed well. 8)Neutralizing: A perfect neutralization completely locks in the curl and prolongs the life of the wave. Specific wave neutralizer is a lotion rich in protective nutrients, stabilizers and pH control. Shake well and apply product evenly rod by rod. Leave in at leave least 5 minutes, then gently remove rods without pulling on the hair (neutralizing process is in progress). Apply remaining solution. Massage and leave on an additional 3 minutes. 9)Rinse Neutralizer: Rinse well with warm water. Recommendation: Do Not put client under any heating elements. Packaging: 2 bottles of 120 ml + 2 bottles of 40 ml


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