PHF REVIVING CURLS SHAMPOO: Gentle and moisturizing. Gives support to curls, eliminates frizz, makes hair stronger, bright and bouncy. Curls become soft to the touch and more manageable. Enhances the curls and eliminates the glassy and straw effect.


Curly hair are wild, soft, strong, rebel and extremely sensual. Many hairstyles can be created with curly hair. Compared to other types of hair, it is most affected by the problem of dryness and often need nutritious products able to deeply moisturize the hair.
The PHF PROFESSIONAL line has formulated a shampoo and a conditioner that gives elasticity and protection while defining the curl. It characterizes the curvature and the structure of the curl making it more elastic and soft.

SPECIFIC ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The active ingredient specific to the Curl line is the Mongongo oil, extracted from Mongongo tree walnuts located mainly in southern Africa. This active ingredient has a high content of Linoleic acid which gives to the oil hydrating, regenerating and nourishing properties. Forms a protective film on the hair, defending it against external agents. Makes the curls disciplined, elastic, light and fluffy.

SUPPORT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Maracuja extract rich in vitamin A and B12, protein, phosphorus and iron that gives nourishment and hair sustainability, Argan Oil is rich in Linoleic Acid and vitamin E that stimulate the vital functions of the skin and maintain an appropriate balance of the hair hydrolipidic film.

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