Hair Salon Kit 500ml

Hair Salon Kit 500ml

1 pc. CHAIN REBUILDER – 500 ML – FL. OZ. 17,5
2 pcs. CHAIN STABILIZER – 500 ML – FL. OZ. 17,5

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CHAINPLEX N. 1 – CHAIN REBUILDER – Specifically studied to satisfy the need of obtaining compact, regenerated hair this product can give the hair all those elements that the fibre has lost during the specific technical treatments. Thanks to its special formula it can give new life to the damaged hair reconstructing the keratin chains composing the hair structure. It adapts to any hair fibre and it can be used when decolouring, straightening, perming, colouring with oxidative colours in order to protect the integrity of the hair without compromising the final result and the quality of the technical treatment. Use: Before using the product, shake delicately the bottle so as to homogenize its content. Use Chainplex n. 1 – Chain Rebuilder following the instructions written on the box.

CHAINPLEX N. 2 – CHAIN STABILIZER – Thanks to its special formula this product can complete the Chainplex n.1 – Chain Rebuilder action. It sustains and reinforces the repairing action of the Chainplex n. 1 – Chain Rebuilder. It nourishes and conditions the hair at the same time. This second step is necessary in order to let the most superficial and external layers of the hair fibre take advantage of the treatment and make the hair brighter and healthier. Use: Eliminate the technical product rinsing it carefully. Apply Chainplex n. 2 – Chain Stabilizer – on the hair lengths and tips. The necessary quantity of product varies between 20 and 25 ml according to the length of the hair. Distribute the product uniformly and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Wash the hair using a pH acid shampoo. Apply the right hair conditioner.

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