MOVIE WAVE 1 — 2 — 3

MOVIE WAVE 1 — 2 — 3

Salon service:
Cold waving solution.

Product setting:
Specific waving solution for homogenous wave and natural effect to create desired volume.

The formula for the Movie waving solution allows the hair dresser to develop the precise curl
pattern without ever compromising the integrity of the hair. The reason for this non aggressive
result is the infusion of Hydrolyzed Silk. Hydrolyzed Silk is primarily composed of two silk
proteins Sericin (20-30%) Fibroin (70-80%). Sericin is rich in polar amino acids and enjoys an
amorphous structure that works to coat and bind the hair fiber to help to protect the disulfide
bonds (S-S) so the wave is extremely natural. Fibroin is known for its ability to keep the keratin
content in balance to repair hair nucleus and affix curl retention naturally the Fibroin has the
ability to rebalance the keratin in the hair.

Technical Characteristics:
The MOVIE waving solution is available in three different solutions.

Movie 1: waving solution for natural hair.

Movie 2: waving solution for colour treated hair.

Movie 3: waving solution for bleached or extremely delicate hair.

The perfect balance of this formula creates natural curls with long lasting results.

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Professional advice and instructions: Choose the correct solution according to the situation. Movie can be used directly on perm rods (wind the wet hair on rod and successively complete saturation) as well as indirectly as a pre-saturation and then choosing per rods. Time:

  • direct: 12-15 minutes.

  • indirect: 15-20 minutes.

The operator needs always a test curl during processing. Rinse well and apply Movie Neutralizer. Packaging: Bottle of 250 ml.


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