Create in freedom to be free to create…

Creative freedom without borders allows to create, experiment and design. The freedom to choose is necessary and fundamental to grow and develop

Freedom is “do what you love, and love what you do”.
Freedom it’s not choosing between two different things but in escaping the patterns that prevent the realization of goals and desires.Freedom is expressing, feeling, seeing, moving and creating according to one’s instincts.

The new BES Hair Trend Collection “Freedom” through its techniques, its style and its proposals, transmits the concept of freedom. A message addressed to
the hairstylist from a technical-creative point of view, and to customers, proposing new shapes, colors and compositions to satisfy all tastes and needs.
The cutting shapes of the collection, chiseled and sculpted, are enhanced by natural phenomena such as wind and sunbeams of light, which caress the hair
and enhance the directions woven into the textures of the shape.

The newly formulated colors, characterized by strong, polar, pastel and metallic expressions, combined with careful armocromatic or contrasting mastery, are
joined by transitional lines that dissolve reflections, giving life to a magical and enchanting chromatic scenario that transmits and transports the mind where
freedom of expression reigns.