The New Trend Collection presented by BES Beauty & Science wants to redefine the exact meaning of the word PIXEL, by proposing chromatic elements that will show the high vibrancy and quality of colors. It is a collection that defines brightness and deepness in colors. Digital world bursts inside the Beauty Salons, giving a new life between digital art and modern styling! The New Trend collection is ”PIXEL Technique”. An eccentric technique, very intense, that is promoting the beauty and the chromaticity in self-exalting colors. Plus, it is completely innovative and has never been used inside the Beauty Salons! Thanks to these techniques, it is easier to observe the pairing and the fusion occurring between colors. And it’s a high quality solution, so the colors stand out and they become noticeable to everyone eye! These colors and haircuts techniques are based on geometry principal ruling: they create movement and texture, combined with colors of high definition. “Pixel Trend Collection” colors, through the fusion of warm and cold expressions, arouse emotions and sophistication, ranging from natural pure tones to a mixt of infrared and ultraviolet.