Dilution ratio: Mix up to a maximum ratio of 1:2 (1 part Decobes DUST FREE + 2 parts of Oxibes developer ). The choice of Oxibes has to be considered in reference to the type, condition of the hair and to the degree of high-lightening that you want to reach.

Professional Advices: It is recommended to use DECOBES DUST FREE when you want to obtain results controlled and precise, reaching the tone of high-lightening perfectly in tune with the final colour.

Recommended Levels: It is recommended to use Decobes DUST FREE on natural levels 4-5 to obtain blond with very natural effects.

Lightening power up to: 5-6 levels

Processing time: 60 minutes maximum

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Features: Dust free high lightening powder with controlled development. Allows you to achieve the degree of lift thank to a self-controlled process in lightening and favouring the accurate management of processing times.

Plus: Thanks to its formula highly cosmetic rich of hydrolysates protein from wheat and corn starch plays a well-defined and balanced high lightening with full respect of the hair.

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