Salon service:
Decaupage or bleaching for oxidation tints.

Product setting:
Ideal for decaupage and bleaching since 2 tones the cosmetic treated hair without act an natural hair.

Its pH acid lets the best respect of skin and hair.

Technical characteristics:
Its liquid composition lets to apply the product on dry hair or not washed too.

After the treatment the hair result ready to be dyed again or tonalized.

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Professional advice and instructions:
Mix the contents of the 2 bottles in the equal parts and
apply on dry hair. Leave in from 15 to 45 minutes. Rinse
abundantly and after wash with a delicate shampoo; after
colouring the hair with the colour desired. Then rinse well
with water wash with a delicate shampoo again and after
all the apply the Emulsion D conditioner and leave it for five
minutes; finally rinse just with water.

2 bottles of 150 ml.

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