SIPERM 0 – 1 – 2

SIPERM 0 – 1 – 2

Salon service:
Cold waving solution.

Products settings:
Cold traditional waving solution without ammonia for natural and treated hair.

Siperm has 2 important characteristic: a soft pleasant scent and a ductile wave. Elasticity and
hold are supported by the presence of Crodasone Cystine.

Technical Characteristics:
Siperm is available in three different solutions:

Siperm 0 strong waving solution for resistant, hard to curl hair.

Siperm 1 medium waving solution for natural, normal hair.

Siperm 2 delicate waving solution for treated hair.

The particular formula allows an easier removal of alkaline residues with negative charges.

The blend of alkaline agents permits Siperm 0/1/2 to curl without weakening the hair and


Professional advice and instructions:
Cleanse the hair with a gentle nourishing shampoo, avoiding to irritate the scalp. On short
and medium hair make the wrapping technique and the tool you want. Isolate the face, the
forehead, etc. with cotton wool. Apply the waving solution very carefully chosen and saturating
every lock wrapped and leave on. For natural medium-long hair, with the pre-selected solution
make a pre-saturation over all the length of the lock and proceed with winding gear and the
technique you want.

Saturate each lock again and leave on:

  • natural or normal hair 15-20 minutes
  • thick and difficult hair 20-25 minutes
  • treated or coloured hair 10-15 minutes (pre-saturation with Siperm 2)

After the processing time rinse well with light warm water to eliminate any remaining waving

Bottle of 1000 ml


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