PHF SHAMPOO VOLUME EFFECT: Gently moisturizes the hair without weighing it down, gives a massive fluffy effect
and a better consistency to the hair.


Thin hair is inherently delicate and difficult to treat. In fact hardly holds the set and especially tends to occur with no life and no volume. Hair thickness is important because it affects the appearance and itis also an indicator of its health. Thin hair tends to dry out more readily on the ends and length, it may be more damaged due to environmental factors and seem weighty and flattened at the root. suggests a treatment that allows you to restore strength, elasticity and volume to thin hair. Contributes to a longer hairstyle shape. Increases the diameter of the hair giving it tonicity and body.

SPECIFIC ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The active ingredient of the line Volume is Acacia collagen, which helps embody the hair and gives it thickness, giving luminosity and beauty to the hair. Acacia collagen, thanks to its extremely elastic microspheres settles on cuticle sealing it. Like that we will get thicker hair, body and volume.

SUPPORT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Maracuja extract rich in vitamin A and B12, protein, phosphorus and iron that gives nourishment and substantivity to the hair. Argan Oil is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E that stimulate the vital functions of the skin and maintain an adequate hydrolipidic balance of the hair.

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