“Play” means to enjoy, have fun, achieving a victory, a game of colors, shades, shapes and lights.

For all BES hairstylists and the BES family, hair coloring has always been considered something magic, art, dream and enchantment. Mixing colors appropriately or extravagantly, obtaining personalized, surprising, perfect results. “Play”, gamble and have fun with new color mixes. The haircuts of the collection, through specific movements and techniques, take shape slowly, becoming geometrically perfect. Defined mosaics, where color and cut merge to create supernatural and multidimensional spaces. Color and the art of coloring, which we consider a real game, a skillful game, played by the most enterprising and skilled professionals in the sector, to whom the customer relies with extreme confidence, actively participating with wishes and requests sometimes even crazy and foolish.
A game to become protagonists, to perform, to create results that enchant and amaze. Playing with hair and color like a puzzle. Each nuance is a small piece of an immense puzzle in which the image changes continuously without ever repeating itself. In harmony, with appropriate blends and creative flair. To create wonderful paintings in which every reflection, every nuance, every shape fits perfectly into this magical puzzle.

“Play”, a collection where every imperfection is enhanced, because in games perfection can be achieved from everything.
A fun physics game where nothing can neither be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. Everything transforms!
We can think of “Play” as the right tool to field a winning idea, oriented towards a single goal: well-being, integrity and beauty of the hair and the person.