A specific concentrate that activates the clay and turns it into a smooth cream. Formulated with vitamins, minerals, alpha hydroxy acids and natural extracts, it removes damaging elements on the scalp and on the hair. The synergy when mixed with the clay provides a beneficial effect on the skin and gives compactness and lighteness to the hair.

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DIRECTIONS: Mix in a non-metallic bowl, 50 ml Purifying Concentrate with 40g of active clay. Mix until a smooth cream is obtained. Let process for 10 minutes in the container to allow the clay to become hydrated. Wait until the complete absorption of the product. While waiting, prepare the skin and the hair treatment by brushing the hair gently to remove any residues. Apply Detoxifying Lotion on the scalp and gently massage from the nape to the temporal and frontal areas. Wait until absorption of the product. Then add to the hydro-activated clay mixture, 5 ml of Essential Elexir specifically in relation to the chosen procedure. Mix until a smooth cream is obtained and apply on the scalp and hair. Leave on hair for 10 minutes. Rinse.

FORMAT: 100oml


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