The Aactive Clay solve many anomalies of the skin and the hair problems. The small clay particles are activated by a specially formulated Purifying Concentrate to maximize its properties. These particles have the abilities to easily absorb the Purifying Concentrate and transforming all in an homogeneous and ductile cream that is made to adhere well to the skin and spread easily on the hair. The obtained compound is further improved by the addition of the specific Essential Elixir based on the abnormality to be treated.


DIRECTIONS: Pour Active Clay contained in the (40g) sachet in a non-metallic bowl and slowly add 50 ml of the Purifying Concentrate that includes a absorption complex to obtain an homogeneous mixture. Let process in the container to allow the clay to become hydrated. While waiting, prepare the skin and the hair treatment by brushing the hair gently to remove any residues. Apply Detoxifying Lotion on the scalp and gently massage from the nape to the temporal and frontal areas. Wait until absorption of the product. Then add to the hydro-activated clay mixture, 5 ml of Essentiels Elexir specifically in relation to the chosen procedure. Mix until a smooth cream is obtained and apply on the scalp and hair. Leave on hair for 10 minutes. Rinse.



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