It is a blend of stimulant, moisturizing and antioxidant vegetable oils, that reactivates blood circulation. They have been accurately chosen to bring out at best the functional characteristic of the Elixir and of the Salvia Officinalis essential oil included in the blend. R5 Activating Essential Elixir brings out the densifying action of Sage which stimulates delicately the follicles encouraging hair growth. It delays premature aging of the follicle cells due to the accumulation of radicals and other substances which inhibit proliferation. Moreover, it further nourishes the hair intensifying the bulb blood circulation.


DIRECTIONS: Pour the Active Clay contained in the envelope (40g) in a non-metallic bowl and slowly add 50 ml of Purifying Concentrate. Mix it until it is completely absorbed and looks homogeneous. Allow the clay to hydrate for 10 minutes in the bowl. Using the special dropper, extract the required amount of Elixir. The maximum capacity of the dropper is approximately 1 ml. Mix 5 ml of the chosen Essential Elixir with 40g of hydro-activated clay. Mix until a smooth, supple and pearly cream is obtained. Apply to the scalp and, if necessary, on the hair. Let the product process for about 10 minutes avoiding it to dry totally. Proceed by rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Wash the hair with a shampoo specifically formulated for the proper condition.

FORMAT: 50ml


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