Active Multiconcentrated lotion, specifically designed for those who are subject to progressive and generalized hair thinning. Thanks to Baicalin, a vegetable extracted flavonoid and to other active substances this lotion postpones the telogen phase reducing its duration. Moreover, it stimulates follicular cell proliferation lengthening the vital cycle of the hair. It increases the density and the strength of the hair fiber.


DIRECTIONS: Clean the scalp and the hair with the V1 Hergen Hair falling shampoo. Towel dry. Homogenize the V2 Hergen Hair falling lotion by slowly shaking the bottle. Using the special dropper, take the right amount of product and apply it on the affected areas of the scalp. Perform movement with the fingers to promote drainage. Massage in lightly so as to distribute the product throughout the scalp facilitating the blood circulation and intensifying the absorption of the product and the cell nourishment.


  • MASSIVE TREATMENT: Apply 2 to 3 times a week.
  • MAINTAINING PHASE: Apply once a week.

FORMAT: 100ml


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