It is a multifunctional color which totally allows to have perfect color results inside the salons. It is a permanent color: it means that changes the natural color of the hair definitively. Oxidative Permanent Colors hold a base of different colored pigments, chosen according to the desired nuances.

Regal Zero formula does not contain PPD (Paraphenylendiamine) but innovative colored pigments which, properly joined together, replaced PPD avoiding allergies.


The oxidative process that colored pigments undergo, changes them in more complex colored molecules. This variable oxidative reaction depends on different factors , in particular on the alkalinity of the base. REGAL ZERO is not alkalinized with AMMONIA. This produces a perfumed cosmetic color, able to play a balanced saturation and oxidation of color pigments inside the hair. These pigments are contained inside a base carrier. When diluted with the exact amount of developer it procures an emulsion easy to be applied and diffused on the hair: important operation for a perfect final result.



For the treatment of the hair and for REGAL ZERO FORMULA it has been well selected five red fruits extracts STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY, POMEGRANATE, CHERRY, BLUEBERRY. Vegetable extracts are natural substances sources of health, wellness and beauty.

  • STRAWBERRY is a natural antioxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals. Based of 90% water it contains particular enzymes able to activate the metabolism of fats and favor the cellular exchange.
  • RASPBERRY is a good source of mineral salts such as Potassium, Phosphor, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Calcium and Vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, E, K AND J. Excellent tonics and natural strengtheners.
  • POMEGRANATE as the Strawberry has a great antioxidant action as well as an antibacterial
  • CHERRY is rich in protein and sugars, presents a great mixt of organic acids important for the acid-base balance of the body. Therefore plays a revitalizing action.
  • BLUEBERRY is rich in anthocyanins and polyphenols which will play a delicate and soothing action to the skin subject to redness.



  • CASHMERE , essentially composed of KERATIN, plays a revitalizing action by making the structure of the hair strong and healthy. Enriched with VITAMIN E and PANTHENOL, makes hair soft and shiny.
  • FLAX SEEDS contain significant percentages of OMEGA 3 fatty acids that have significant antioxidant properties. The proteins, lipids, linoleic acid, fibers and lignans have especially emollient properties which give the hair shine and softness.
  • BEESWAX, a natural thickener, is essential for the detangling, the softness and the beauty of the hair.
  • SOY is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that improve the elasticity of the skin and the hair.
  • SILK contains 2 important proteins: the fibroin and sericin. The special property of these proteins is to create a protective barrier, fixing the hair keratin, which due to its molecular conformation also plays a highly hydrating, anti-aging and soothing action. The hair appears more smooth and silky.



The essential oils of calendula, jojoba, rice, coconut and almonds in synergism between them have a very important role in the formulation of REGAL ZERO. They keep, in the support base perfectly emulsified, the right value of the HLB (Hydro Lipidic Balance): essential factor to facilitate and diffuse within the hair the intermediates hair colorants. This mechanism of action has, as final result, to make the hair evenly colored with a perfect reflection from regrowth to tips. In addition, triterpenes, phytosterols, flavonoids contained in the Marigold oil with their softening and shield action, protect the scalp during the setting time. The unsaturated acids and alkalis of jojoba oil on the hair form a protection against the sun’s rays. The ARGININE of the OIL RICE, naturally occurring amino acid, similar to hair keratin restores the balance disturbed by the oxidation of the hair coloring. Lauric , oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids of COCONUT OIL give fullness to the hair. Carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, contained in the ALMOND oil have emollient, softening, soothing and nourishing properties, capable of regenerating the dull and brittle hair.


A very important role in the colorant and permanent processes is determined by the oxidants and activators. REGAL ZERO is an innovative and multifunctional product. With the appropriate use of 5 chosen ACTIVATION SYSTEMS, a 360 degrees coloration results can be obtained meeting the needs of the market, the current and future fashion demand. These 5 ACTIVATION SYSTEMS, acting in perfect synergy with the base color, develop 5 different actions.

  • BALANCE ACTIVATOR 20 VOL. 6% To balance the coverage, the high-lightening and the deposit of the pigments.
  • HIGH LIGHT ACTIVATOR 30 VOL. 9% To high-light and exalt the shiny reflections by respecting the natural level.
  • ULTRA LIGHT ACTIVATOR 40 VOL. 12% For ultra-lightening, neutralizing and reflecting.

Beside these 3 explicit primary functions for permanent colorations, REGAL ZERO performs other 2 functions : masking and reflecting.

  • MASK ACTIVATOR 5 VOL. 1,5% To mask the unsightly appearance of un-pigmented hair by bringing shine and homogeneity. Ideal for men colorations and temporary colors.
  • SHADE ACTIVATOR 10 VOL. 3% To make compact and intense reflections acting perfectly with the color level on level coloring action to ensure stability and coverage


The results obtained with REGAL ZERO are absolutely surprising

  1. The naturalness: After the colorant action the hair is compact and soft to the touch, like natural hair.
  2. The lasting action of the color on the structure of the hair even after several washings.
  3. The stability of the color remains unchanged with no undesirable color changes.
  4. The chromatic uniformity of the color from regrowth to tips obtained after color treatment let the hair remaining bright and silky.
  5. The perfect reflections.


  1. BASE MAKE-UP TECHNIQUE: Alternation in the plays of light and shade (light, dark) to change the volume.
  2. LAYER TECHNIQUE: Alternation of chromatic colors in parallel layers or associated lines.
  3. GRADUATION TECHNIQUE: Chromatic tonal gradation using 1 or 2 colors to increase or decrease the level.
  4. PROGRESSIVE TECHNIQUE: The ups or downs of the progressive increase of the color.
  5. COMBINATION TECHNIQUE: Combination of techniques and colors in harmonic