Salon service:
Cosmetic colouring with alpha hydroxy fruit acids.

Product setting:
Cosmetic colouring for hair; making deep, bright and creative colours possible, colours that
are fashion statement.

Cosmetic colouring with alpha hydroxy fruit acids without ammonia.
Technical characteristics:
The particular cosmetic formula does not have bleaching power and it may be applied on
natural or previously bleached hair. Does not have to be mixed with oxidising substances.

Shampoo that lasts from 6 to 8 according to

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Use frequency:
According to requirements.

Professional advice and instructions:
Apply MOVIE COLOR to hair that is lightly moistened and
clean to avoid staining the skin protect the contour of the
face with Emulsion D; Wear adequate gloves apply movie
colours abundantly and homogeneously using a brush,
avoiding contact with skin. Leave for 20 to 30 minutes
without a heat source. Then rinse well and wash with
Amphoten treatment shampoo for coloured hair. Last of
all apply the Emulsion D conditioner.

Bottle of 170 ml.


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