BES CaffeLandia Hair Trend Collection. The beauty and elegance of fashion in harmony with the pursuit of taste. Coffee in all its specialties offers sensations of pleasure, aromas, flavors and different scents, creating a particular atmosphere between magic and passion. The same specialties that distinguish and enhance the spirit and creative flair of each Hair designer. The cutting and coloring techniques are characterized by multidimensional overlapping disconnections, that through specific textures give refined, variegated and multi-chromatic expressive effects. From the intense and deep color of the coffee to the neutrality and purity of the white milk. The woman and man of CaffeLandia express a timeless fashion full of elegance, charm and character.
Fashion color: brown in all its expressions and intensity. BES CaffeLandia Hair Trend Collection proposes brown as the main color of the new nuances created. CaffeLandia ranges across the immense chromatic world of coffee, presenting nuances such as “Ristretto coffee”, “Mocaccino” or “Velvety coffee”. Each nuance matches the shades of coffee, expressing a complete chromatic harmony that adapts to the personality of each one, enhancing the elegance and refinement of a classic or contemporary fashion. The colors of CaffeLandia exude femininity and style. They transmit intense vibrations that lead to a visual, gustatory and olfactory sensory journey that arouses emotions, inspirations, thoughts and positive energies. The shades proposed by the new BES Hair Trend Collection CaffeLandia enhance the woman of today, transmit her delicate nature and her tempered character, confirming her as the real protagonist of everyday life.