ESSENCE as art purposes. Art is the creative manifestation of the human being. To create art are necessary intelligence, dedication, desire and a formidable amount of creativity. The art reveals itself in the form of painting, music, architecture and sculpture.
Art can be interpreted as a science, the science that reveals the beauty of the human soul. Only who feels the true ESSENCE is able to develop an artistic movement without time that becomes precious of their uniqueness and originality during the years.
With the ESSENCE collection BES Beauty and Science was inspired by the artistic heritage of which our wonderful country is the sole guardian. With this collection we have tried to capture the ESSENCE of what is beautiful and awesome: the Bernini’s Scala, the Colosseum, the St. Peter’s Dome. These works are, without a doubt, among the most impressive and rich in meaning that have ever been created. A mix of precision, charm, majesty and modernity that they can relate well to the sensibility and to the artistic ideal of its creators.
The ESSENCE collection, inspired by the great artistic heritage that Italy has, wanted to create something new but at the same time wanted to keep anchored to the unique roots and Italian art features. BES Beauty and Science wanted to realize an innovative collection, both in form and colour; a collection that will never be outdated, but that appears always timeless and contemporary. A strong collection, decisive and original: the ESSENCE of the ART!