The term “hydrosphere” derives from ancient Greek ὕδωρ hydōr, “water” and σφαῖρα sphaira, “sphere”, a magical fusion between fluid and form. Hydrosphere is natural perfection, able to project who lives it in a world without patterns or borders, where everything is free and pure. Hydrosphere expresses itself through forms, colors and cuts, carved and graven, like a creek that leaves an indelible sign of its passage. Colors discompose inside the water drops suspended in the air, in the unpredictable sea, in the mystery of the founts, in the mirror effects of rivers and lakes. They create thousands of lighting shades, unique and unrepeatable, which make the woman an enchanting creature for those who look at her. The man, authoritative and elegant, assumes a natural but refined look, embellished with bright pearls of color that exalt multidirectional cutting lines, the texture of the hair and its shapes.