Salon service:
Treatment to be used in combination with
Ginseng Active shampoo to prevent hair loss.

Product setting:
Lotion in phial, for hair loss prevention.

Weak roots, slow growth and dull hair require the GINSENG ACTIVE LOTION treatment. Its synergic action is ideal in the prevention of hair loss, strengthening hair restoring roots, body and vitality.

Technical characteristics:
The GINSENG extract is a precious help in hair loss prevention thanks to its tonic, stimulating and revitalizing effect. The GINSENG ACTIVE LOTION’s special formula contains a multivitamin complex which nourishes hair roots restoring the correct balance to improve hair growth.

It slows hair loss by stimulating capillary bulbs activity at the roots.

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Professional advice and instructions: Wash hair and scalp with suitable shampoo (GINSENG ACTIVE SHAMPOO) rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Apply product evenly to hair. Then massage in 3 phases.

  1. massage the scalp with fingers towards the head crown.
  2. give side vibrant massage towards the head crown.
  3. press with full hands the frontal side and gradually slide to the nape.

Packaging: Box containing 12 phials of 10 ml.

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