Salon service:
Neutralizer for waving solution.

Products settings:
Poly-compatible neutralizer suitable to be used with Siperm and all other alkaline waving

Thanks to its capturing agents (TETRASODIUM EDTA) and pH regulators (INORGANIC ACID),
it is not harsh on hair, doesn’t alter hair colour or dry hair out. The formula also contains
an ALKYL AMIDO PROPYL BETAINE which, thanks to its
strong affinity with the scalp and hair, gets hair silky and soft.

Technical Characteristics:
Sifix is a neutralizer rich in protective substances formulated
to enhance further results of all waving solutions types.

Natural waves and curls.

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Professional advice and instructions: After the setting time of the perms solution rinse hair thoroughly. Dry the hair with a towel. Measure 80/100 cc (depending on the length of the hair) and distribute the product accurately on all the curlers. After some minutes remove the curlers delicately. Massage the ends accurately in order to facilitate the penetration of the neutralizer. Massage the hair to emulsify the product and rinse it away thoroughly. It is advisable to use an applicator or a sponge for the operation. Packaging: Bottle of 1000 ml.


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